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Gannet Advanced PX4 Drone


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Please note that due to overwhelming demand these drones will be on a 5-10 working day lead time.

Gannet Advanced PX4 Features

 Fully waterproof

 Industry-leading flight time of up to 29 minutes

✅ Powerful with payloads up to 2kgs (MAX LIFT CAPACITY OF 3.4KGS [NOT RECOMMENDED])

✅ 45 kilometre per hour wind resistance 

✅ Live Video Feed for up to 1000m with the ability to move the camera up and down to spot reefs and even fish at the surface

✅ High-efficiency rate with aerodynamics designed to fly in high winds for longer than any of our competitors 

 ‘scroll and remeber’ function, enabling users to quickly set the GPS drop zone position with the click of a switch, allowing them to redeploy baits to the exact same spot

✅ Global Satellite Memory – Unlike many other drones, the Advanced PX4 only needs to have its compass calibrated once. 

✅ The Gannet Advanced PX4 boast the Pixhawk PX4 flight controller, utilising one of the best in market flight controllers possible.

✅ The Gannet Advanced PX4 comes standard with a custom moulded EVA Mesh Carry Case - made to protect your investment while in transport

✅  GPS – The New advanced PX4 GPS enables side by side reception of up to 3 of the worlds best satellite navigation systems. 

✅ Phone APP – The included phone application allows you to get: live video feed with important telemetry and features such as height, distance, parameters, map, calibration and much more

✅ The Gannet Advanced PX4 includes the following advanced flight modes: 

  • Follow me mode
  • Return to land mode
  • Come to me mode (great for boat based missions)

✅ The Gannet Advanced PX4 is capable of GPS Waypoint mission planning

✅ Multiple auxiliary attachment points for 4k action/360 cameras and spotlights

✅ The Gannet Advanced PX4 comes standard with the patent-pending waterproof failsafe electro-mechanical payload release that can be mechanically or electrically activated. You are able to over-ride the XS mechanical release system by tightening the release weight

✅ Bright highly visible internal lights come standard, allowing you to easily spot your drone in the distance and identify the direction your drone is facing, especially during night missions

✅ The Gannet Advanced PX4 comes standard with Multiple Safety Features

  • Low Battery Safety Release: The Gannet XS has a built in safety release system which activates when the drone’s battery reaches its low threshold. The drone will release the payload and automatically begin a Return To Land flight sequence.

  • Signal Loss Safety Feature: When signal is lost between the Gannet drone and it’s Remote Controller, it will release its payload and automatically begin a Return To Land flight sequence.

  • Inadequate Thrust safety Feature : When the drone detects a loss of thrust, be it due to payload overload or reel jamming, it will release the payload and automatically begin a Return To Land flight sequence.

  • GPS Loss Warning: In the instance where the drone loses GPS signal, the Gannet advanced will indicate with a voice prompt via the app that it has changed its flight mode to “Altitude Hold Mode” which will allow you to continue to fly and navigate your drone back to a safe area to land.

  • Battery Voltage Monitoring: The drone’s battery is displayed and monitored via the app. When the app detects a low battery, it will give you a voice prompt alert via the app.
    *Please note that the Gannet Advance PX4 will not arm when the battery levels are unsafe to do so.

  • Display and Audible Prompts: All aspects of your flight are monitored and maintained via the app. Changes in Flight Modes and other warning will be displayed on the app along with a verbal confirmation.

  • Pendulum Reduction: Due to the nature of delivering a payload, accelerating and de-acceleration will cause a pendulum effect. We do have how-to guides on how to best reduce this, however, the drone will now assist to reduce that effect even further lowering your risk in flight.
    * We do suggest using a long drop loop to ensure maximum safety when flying with a payload

  • Accelerated Return To Land: The gannet team has increased the top speed of the RTL to reduce battery exertion, in-flight time and payload deployment intervals.

  • Smart Landing Awareness: The Gannet Advance PX4 will immediately disarm the motors once it has detected that it has landed during a Return To Land sequence.

  • Magnetic Interference: The Gannet Advanced PX4 has auto adjustment and verbal warnings that assists when magnetic interferences are detected.

    ✅ The Gannet Advanced PX4 comes standard with a BlackBox – The BlackBox stores all flight recording, data, and statistics


    At the outset, we designed these drones to be load carrying, be it a life vest on a SAR (search and rescue) mission, a bait for fishing or an external battery for extended flight times.

    These bigger loads draw heavy on the drone’s battery and limit flight time to a great extent. The PX4 can fly a lifesaving tow line out to a person in trouble several hundred meters from shore. For the land-based fisherman in New Zealand, it can take out a kontiki line with multiple hooks for as far as the eye can see.


    Fail-safe release: 

    Many drones are used for fishing and one of the biggest drone sinkers is when the line gets snagged or when a seagull or pelican hits the line whilst the drone is on its way out with the line. Solving this problem was easy, this was done by fitting each Gannet Done with the patented Gannet XSport dual electromechanical release. What this does is give the user the ability to set the release to auto-release on a given setting. So if 1kg is flown the user may set the release to 1,5kg so as soon as a bird hits the line it simply unclips saving the drone, and if a precession drop is required simply press the button on the remote and the electrical side releases the load on command.

    This release is not exclusively for fishing as it can also be used when flying out a lifeline/ lifevest to a person in distress. The drone can lower the strap to him and when he tugs on the line it will unclip. Or one can even pull them to shore with the drone itself knowing that the drone is safe and will free itself if the load gets too much. You are able to over-ride the XS mechanical release system by tightening the release weight. 

    Gannet has been making drone release systems since 2016 for all major drone makes so it only makes sense that the best possible release would be fitted to the Gannet Pro. The Gannet XSport has several granted and also pending multinational patents making them the worlds only failsafe electro-mechanical release systems.

    Design shape and appearance:

    The Gannet Advanced PX4 drones have been designed as short-distance delivery drones, unlike most other drones that are symmetrical camera platforms, with a camera hanging from the bottom and able to fly at near identical speeds in any direction, the Gannets are streamlined to fly forward significantly faster and with less power usage than most camera platform drones.

    As a result, Gannet Drones are unmistakably recognisable and very unique in shape. This came about as a result of placing the camera and GPS far upfront in the head with sweeping aerodynamic arms. Resembling a skydiver or perhaps even a flying penguin. When hovering in place the elongated body is slanting backwards this so that when the body is horizontal the drone is already travelling forward at speed. This results in the smallest possible frontal area cutting through the air conserving battery power as much as possible. The keen eye will notice that nothing is straight on these drones, not one of the motors line up, the slanting body and curved asymmetric arms all contribute in making these some of the most power-efficient drones to be brought to market.


    Colour scheme:

    In the natural world, animals have adopted colours that blend into their environments, be they hunters or prey. The Great White, killer whales, penguins and even some seagulls are all light below and dark on top. This to help blend in when viewed directly from above or from below in their 3-dimensional worlds.

    However, the two contrasting colours actually increase visibly when viewed from the side and this is why our Gannets are grey and white. They stand out in any weather conditions at very long distances, making the visual line of sight flight to long distances more enjoyable. Alongside with the colour scheme comes the asymmetric shape making it easy to see which the way the drone is facing.


    Battery compartment:

    The one thing that needs to be changed/charged in the field on a regular basis is the Lithium Polymer battery. For this, we placed the battery in its own waterproof compartment opening at the back of the drone.

    To ensure ease of installation we created an easily accessible compartment in the back of the drone, sealed off from all internals. In the event that some sand compromises the seal only that compartment would seep with water and only the battery is exposed and not the expensive electronic internals.

    The Gannet's double waterproof compartment design is unique to the Gannet Drone which makes them the safest waterproof drones on the market.


    Battery charging

    With the main market for Gannet drones being people that will be away from their home base, all Gannets come with a battery charger that can recharge the battery in about 1hour from a 12V DC battery or 110V-240V AC power outlet making field charging easy and convenient. A wall & car charging adapter is included as standard. 

    Whats In The Box

    Gannet Advanced PX4 Drone x 1
    Custom Gannet EVA Hard Case x 1
    Remote Controller with Phone / Tablet Holder and Cables x 1
    Gannet 100W C1 - XR Balance Charger including cables and Car Battery Charger
    13” Carbon Fibre Propellers x4
    Neck Lanyard x 1

    CellMeter 7 Battery Voltage Capacity Checker x 1
    Action Camera Adapters x 2

    *Please note, no batteries are included due to the restrictions on international shipping - please contact us to find your nearest battery dealer. 



    Concurrent reception of up to 3 Global Navigation Satellite Systems ‘GNSS’
    Communication and acquisition of 4 GNSS platforms – GPS, Galileo, GLONASS and BeiDouh.

    Flight Controller

    Type: Pixhawk 4 mini
    Processor: 32 Bit Arm® Cortex®-M7, 216MHz, 2MB memory, 512KB RAM
    Sensors: 2 x Accelerators, 2 x Gyro’s, Magnetometer, Barometer
    PMU: PM06 V2

    Remote Control

    Weight: 660g
    Frequency: 2.400-2.483GHz
    Range: 1.5km (unobstructed, free of interference) Set at factory to 500M (user adjustable)
    Modulation: New FHSS
    Working Current: 100mAh
    No. of Channels: 10
    Battery: 2 X 18650 Lithium batteries (Not included)

    Video Transmission

    Range: 1km (unobstructed, free of interference)
    Working current: 180mA
    Servo: 1 AXIS (Up & Down)
    FPV Camera: 720P HD 1280×720

    Patent Applications

    We have spent years and thousands of dollars developing our products. 

    In order to protect our designs and concepts we have filed for the following full & or design patents:

    Patent Pending:









    For absolute peace of mind

    We guarantee all of our products and our reviews stand testament to this. All units will be hand-assembled and pressure tested in order to pass our rigorous quality control measures.

    Shipping, Customs & Duties

    Unfortunately our large batteries are extremely difficult to ship, we have decided to not ship our batteries with the drones internationally. This will prevent huge shipping fees (that you would have to cover) and issues with local customs. We have partnered with a number of local distributors that you will be able to buy batteries from locally. Please contact us if you would like to find your nearest dealer.

    Please note import duties and taxes are NOT INCLUDED. These charges vary by country and are not in our control.

    We ship our drones all over the world and it is impossible for us to build the various customs charges into our website.

    You can use this tool to estimate additional costs.

    Remember, we are the creators of Gannet Pro Drones and not international customs, we make no money off local taxes and duties. 

    You can use this tool as estimates when determining additional costs in receiving our products.

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